Electrical installation and Maintenance.

We have highly skilled personnel, trained and certified with day to day hands on experience in electrical works. All electrical works are carried out with safety consciousness and precision. Quality and standard materials are what we always advice our customer to use in order to avoid fire outbreak and/or loss of life. Safety is paramount, so we don’t offer our services with negligence. There are so many substandard electrical products in the market but with our hands on experience we handpick the standard material suitable and long lasting to ensure peace of mind. We can do reconstruction of faulty electrical works and also maintain and service electrical installation.


Mobile Phone and Computer repair. 

If you have a faulty mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer we can repair (fix) it.  We troubleshoot damaged phone or computer gadget. We offer software and hardware services like, changing of casing, screen, track pad, flashing, unlocking, jail breaking and lots more. We can refurbish your gadget to make it look new and work nearly as the first day you bought it.

Training and Seminars.

We are here to add value to lives and the economy, cut the rate of unemployment and unskilled hands in our own little way of contributing our quota to the economy thereby enriching lives through training programs and seminars. The future of our nation really relies on skilled hands and good mindset. Realizing this will be a lifetime achievement. Our training programs will be on our areas of core competences and partnership programs to broaden the scope of our trainees.

Internet Marketing and Networking. 

We do internet and network marketing both online and offline. We offer various marketing strategies for clients progress and profit. Our aim is to empower.